Wrap Report

The 2022 International Wildlife Film Festival returned to its usual format this year which began with an unforgettable morning where thousands marched down Higgins Avenue in costume for the 30th WildWalk.

Festivities continued with multiple sold-out shows of the festival's opening film, Fire of Love. 3000+ students took part in the free youth matinee shows led by Roxy staff and Animal Wonders as hosts. Stand-out moments were when local film, Tracking Notes: The Secret Life of Mountain Lions snagged the 2022 audience award, the jury's choice to honor two scientists; Dr. Paula Kahumbu and Dr. J. Drew Lanham for their contribution to their respective short films, and brewing our official IWFF IPA with ImagineNation Brewing!

Thank you so much to every single person who was part of IWFF including the judges, filmmakers, sponsors, and volunteers who each made this year's festival so successful!


Download 2021 IWFF Wrap Report