2021 Festival

The International Wildlife Film Festival exists to champion wildlife filmmakers and inspire a new generation to challenge conventional expectations about how we conserve wildlife and habitat. With extended dates, April 17th-May 15th, the festival has allowed for special support and attention to be paid to each 2021 selection. Through diverse programming and exceptional community events, IWFF has celebrated ethical, wildlife/ environmental filmmaking for the last 44 years



Covid-19 Statement

The 2021 IWFF is offering several outdoor experiences that can inspire our audiences, protect the community, and offer innovative solutions to exhibiting film amidst the pandemic. The festival wishes to underscore that safety is of the utmost importance to the festival and also to our larger family, the Roxy Theater, Missoula’s own community cinema.

By offering a virtual catalog, audiences can enjoy the festival while in their own homes. Every outdoor venue will require masks and social distancing. The Roxy Theater presented safe screenings for the community at the Roxy Garden venue and Ogren Park this past summer and IWFF is thrilled to be bringing back opportunities that are proven to be COVID-safe and fun! The pop-up installations are another creative, outdoor option for audiences to share in the magic of the festival collectively while following protocols that will protect everyone involved. Our hope is that these standards prioritize our community’s safety and will contribute to returning us all to the Roxy’s theaters as soon as possible.

How to fest

2021 Calendar


This year’s festival embraces what is now referred to as a hybrid model where we offer opportunities to participate in the festival virtually and also outdoors.


Virtual Catalog

Sixty-five 2021 film selections will be accessible through the Eventive platform during the festival. Most films will be available globally and released week-to-week within the month-long festival to best highlight each unique film. Films may have differing virtual restrictions based on their own distributor’s requests - take note of special ticket limits or dates mentioned in each films’s profile page.


Pop-Up Installations

Three different media installations are planned for the festival in order to safely engage the Missoula community and celebrate the 2021 film selections. Community members will be encouraged to walk-by three different media installations from 8 to10:00 pm as classic Missoula structures act as the screen underneath the big Montana sky. 

Celebrate Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, at the UM Wildlife Biology’s 85th Anniversary party that will include a pop-up installation of the film Lichen. On Friday, April 30, A Winters' Hunt will be projected on First Montana Bank downtown, along with the 2021 Awards Ceremony. Finally, close out the festival under the Caras Park tent swimming and singing with the whales during the festival’s final pop-up installation on Friday, May 14.

Outdoor Screenings

Outdoor screenings will begin on Thursday, April 22 at the Roxy Garden, and will continue every Thursday and Friday of the festival starting Thursday, April 22- Friday, May 7. Roxy Garden’s lineup includes, 2040, Beast of Our Time, The Coyote: Yellowstone’s Underdog, Secrets of the Whales: Orca Dynasty, and the 2021 Best of Festival Winner. 

Bring the whole family to Ogren Park, on Thursday, May 8, for a screening of Kingdoms of Fire, Ice, and FairyTales that will fill festival-goers with wonder as IWFF takes them to the unforgiving environment of the Arctic Circle and the scalding thermal vents of Yellowstone’s super-volcano! This family-friendly event will include a costume contest, prizes, and more!

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IWFF's WildWalk parade is cancelled this year as is the WildFest, which normally follows at Caras Park.

If you are in the Missoula area, you are invited to join us, Saturday, April 17, from 7-9 pm, for an outdoor Opening Night gathering at The Roxy Theater's outdoor Garden venue! There will be a popcorn pick-up, 2021 merch for sale, live music from Chris Sand and The Land, and a premiere of the WildWalk Tribute film!
Free with popcorn, beverages and 2021 merch for sale.

Or watch & enjoy here!


We encourage you to view and discuss IWFF selections with the whole family. There is so much to touch on at any age including wildlife behaviors, habitat, and opportunities for action. The 2021 film selections include age recommendations for those under the age of 16 on each film profile page. Please do remember that IWFF films are reflections of the natural world and often include predation or animal death scenes. Discuss these themes and watch with your child if they are young and may become upset by such scenes.

Families are encouraged to attend the May 8th screening at Ogren Park screening of Kingdoms of Fire, Ice, and FairyTales. Educators may also inquire after options or discounts available in place of the usual Youth Matinee Screenings traditionally held at the Dennison Theatre. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

For Roxy Members

​The International Wildlife Film Festival is a program of the Roxy Theater. Become a Member of the Roxy Theater and enjoy discounts on IWFF tickets and passes plus be part of Missoula’s community cinema. Learn more here.