IWFF is centered around stories that promote awareness, knowledge and an understanding of science, wildlife and the humans that impact our world every day. Films screen to packed theaters full of sharp audiences that want to learn more about the world we live in.


Total Festival Attendees: 9297

2019 Youth Matinee Program attendance: 3378

2019 IWFF Roxy screening attendance: 3719

2019 Wildwalk participants: 1300

2019 Awards Ceremony at The Wilma: 500

University of Montana Special Event with Doug Peacock & Save the Yellowstone Grizzlies: 400

IWFF Screenings at The Roxy: 79

IWFF Matinee Youth Screenings at The Dension Theatre: 10

IWFF Guest Filmmakers Attendance: 31

IWFF Guest Speakers: 10

IWFF LABS Fellows: 16

IWFF Cash sponsors: 43

IWFF InKind Sponsors: 39