How to Fest Virtually

The virtual edition of International Wildlife Film Festival can be viewed online via Eventive.

Staff Recommendations

  • If you have already viewed  another festival through Eventive (such as Big Sky Documentary Film Festival) then you already have an account - retrieve those login and password details to link to your account as they are tied to specific email addresses.
  • Most of the IWFF selections do not have any audience caps which means they may be viewed without needing to pre-order your tickets. We suggest ordering your tickets right when you are ready to view the films to avoid a 7-day watch window.
  • Take care to note the dates available of the selections you'd like to view - different films will be released each Friday night at midnight during the festival.
  • Try to set up a more cinematic viewing environment by linking your computer to your television or streaming application - it makes all the difference in sitting back and enjoying the caliber of the 2021 line-up. If you need help - reach out to our support line and we'll walk you through it.

Read on for three easy steps to get ready to fest at home.

Browse the films page to discover films available to watch during the festival.

When you find a film you're interested in, click for more info to read a synopsis, watch trailers and more. To buy a ticket to watch the film, or reserve a ticket with your festival pass, simply click WATCH FILM at the top of the page and you'll be taken to the Eventive screening page.

    Order a Film to stream online! Click "Pre-Order Now" on the Eventive screening page.

You will be prompted to log in or create an Eventive account. Enter your email and password of choice, then follow the prompts to enter payment information and complete your order. Have a pass? Just log in to Eventive and pre-order films to reserve tickets under your pass! Check your email for confirmations and a reminder to watch when the film is available during the festival. You can find important information on the streaming page such as:

  • Availability: Check the dates a film is available to view
  • Geographic Availability: For IWFF: Only one film in our Virtual Catalog (Youth v Gov) is limited geographically (only available to the US) and every other film is accessible globally.
  • Extra Content: Check the sidebar to find information about the pre-recorded Post-Film Discussions available with each screening.
When films are available to view click WATCH NOW on the screening page to enjoy.

You can watch films on your TV using the Eventive TV App on your Apple TV or Roku device, or use Chromecast to view from your Chrome browser on your Android phone or tablet. Films can be enjoyed on your computer, but we highly recommend you set up your home theater to enjoy films that were made for a cinema experience!

Download Eventive TV for Apple  |  Download Eventive TV for Roku


About Missoula Events

Outdoor events include weekly screenings at The Roxy Theater's outdoor venue, the Roxy Garden, a tribute to the WildWalk, a screening at Ogren Park, and more! Check out the full schedule.

Tickets for Missoula based events can be purchasedhere. 


Need Help? We are here to assist.

Email questions to: [email protected]

Call our help line during our Eventive Support Hours for a human to walk you through the process.

Contact IWFF and the Roxy Theater for support @ (406) 728 9380

IWFF Eventive Support Hours
Thursday, 4/15:  4-9pm
Friday, 4/16:  5:30-11pm
Saturday, 4/17:  2-11pm
Sunday, 4/18:  6-10pm

Thursday, 4/22:  6-9pm
Friday, 4/23:  6-9pm
Saturday, 4/24:  4-9pm
Sunday, 4/25:  6-9pm

If you are calling outside of our IWFF Eventive Support Hours, please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you promptly. Thanks for your understanding!


Visit theEventive Help Page to find answers or launch a live chat