Among the Wolves

Five wolves in a forested setting.


A vast, snow-covered forest, untouched by human presence. Two men cross it, bags on their backs, cross a frozen river and finally arrive at the peatland, a vast white expanse. For years, Yves the painter and Olivier the photographer, have traveled the world, meeting wildlife from one pole to the other, privileged and concerned witnesses to the fragile beauty of the planet. But the two men share a common dream: to see a wolf pack live, grow, and spread out. One day, their search leads them to a a hideout in no-man’s-land between Finland and Russia, a place conducive to a different temporality. The wait begins. Over the seasons, they will stand there in these eight square meters of wood, silent amid an unchanging scenery, until they gradually become part of the “picture” and immerse themselves in the life of the wolves. A motionless adventure.


Saturday, 4/27 at 3:00pm

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Not available for virtual screening, playing only at the Roxy.


82 minutes

Directors: Tanguy Dumortier, Olivier Larrey

Producers: Nicolas Cennac Henri de Gerlache Nicolas Zunino

Language: French (subtitled)

Countries of Origin: Finland & Russia


Winner – Living with Wildlife