Bird-Window Collisions

Window at low light time


Bird-window collisions occur when birds flying into buildings or glass windows at high speeds since they fail to perceive and identify them. Such collisions often lead to avian injuries or fatalities. The documentary follows two graduate students, Hsieh Chi-heng and Kan Chia-yun, gradually archiving cases of bird-window collisions and collecting the remains of birds. Together, they preserve the final appearances of these avian victims as evidence of the collisions. Their humble efforts have slowly built up a database for bird-window collisions in Taiwan. The actions of these two young students demonstrate respect and sympathy for life, and also give more depth to the definition of “greening cities.

Warning: Depiction/Discussion of dead animals.


Part of Wings of Hope Shorts Block

Sunday 4/21 at 2:15pm

Monday 4/22 at 7:45pm

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24 minutes

Warning: Depiction/Discussion of dead animals.

Directors: Cheng-ying SONG, Chin-ya HU

Producers: Fan WU

Language: English, Mandarin Chinese

Country of Origin: Taiwan


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