For You

Black and white animated image of a bus on road


‘For You’ is a heartfelt letter from a father to his two-year-old son, capturing a summer day in the park, a world filled with wonders yet to be discovered and a looming danger. Set in Peckham, South East London, the director narrates the story in Italian, the language he has spoken to his son since birth. This project is deeply intimate and personal, yet carries a universal and resonating message: what lies ahead might be uncertain, but with love, courage, and imagination, we can create a better future.


Part of Sustainable Futures Shorts Block

Saturday 4/20 at 2:00pm

Tuesday 4/23 at 7:45pm

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4 minutes

Director: Luca Paulli

Producer: Richard Barnett, Luca Paulli

Language: Italian (subtitled)

Country of Origin: UK



Youth Program

Sustainable Planet