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“Sometimes I feel like I am not a conservation researcher but an extinction accountant.”

In the remote landscapes of China, ecologist Amaël Borzée, driven by relentless passion, has dedicated five years of his life to understanding and preserving the legacy of the Chinese immaculate treefrogs, a once-thriving amphibian species now teetering on the brink of extinction.

For hundreds of nights, Amaël immersed himself alone in tranquil rice paddies, listening to the haunting calls of the treefrogs. Sadly, with each passing year, their enchanting chorus grows fainter and fainter.

This year, Amaël’s path crosses with Ningjing Wang, a local filmmaker whose love for frogs traces back to her childhood. United by a shared hope to save the immaculate treefrogs, they embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of rural China. Together, they uncover not only the secrets of this elusive species but also the mutual challenges confronting both the frogs and the agricultural communities.

In ‘Immaculate’, Amaël and Ningjing’s quest becomes a beacon of hope, but can their joint efforts secure a future for this overlooked amphibian?


Part of Wild Wonders Shorts Block

Monday 4/22 at 5:00pm

Wednesday 4/24 at 7:45pm

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16 minutes

Director: Ningjing Wang

Producer: Ningjing Wang

Language: Chinese, English

Country of Origin: UK






Wildlife Conservation

Youth Program