Queens Series

Bee on flower


Tiny Jungle Queens — Under the rainforest canopy of Central America is a secret world ruled by insects. Two tiny queens will give everything to build their empires. The ant queen will sacrifice her own body for the future of her growing colony, while the beautiful orchid bee will stop at nothing for success, betraying those closest to her.

Behind the Queens — Award-winning cinematographers join forces with up-and-coming female filmmakers from across the globe to capture the lives of the animal queens. We celebrate the inspiring stories of the game-changing women we met during these epic adventures in the world’s wildest places. These scientists, conservationists and activists are giving everything to protect the animals and their iconic homes.


Sunday 4/21 at 11:00am

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Not available for virtual screening, playing only at the Roxy.


100 minutes

Directors: Ilaira Mallalieu (Tiny Jungle Queens), Faith Musembi (Behind the Queens)

Producers (Tiny Jungle Queens): Ilaira Mallalieu, Vanessa Berlowitz & Angela Bassett (Executive Producers), Chloë Sarosh (Co-Executive Producer)

Producers (Behind the Queens): Faith Musembi, Vanessa Berlowitz & Angela Bassett (Executive Producers), Chloë Sarosh (Co-Executive Producer)

Language: English

Country of Origin: USA






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