Slow Shift

Boulders and columns look out over landscape


Langurs contemplate their world as it changes around them. In SLOW SHIFT humans, animals, music, and rock are entangled in dialogue. The film is shot in Hampi, India in the remains of a 14th century city that is also a World Heritage site in the state of Karnataka. This city, strewn with ancient ruins and massive boulders, some of the oldest in the world, is also said to be the mythic monkey kingdom of ancient lore. Currently, the site is overrun with langurs, a genus of “old world monkeys” native to the subcontinent. The film playfully interrogates various intersections between ancient and geological timescales, the real and mythic, the lived and preserved, and human and animal.


Part of Eco Experiments Shorts Block

Saturday 4/20 at 7:15pm

Thursday 4/25 at 7:30pm

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Not available for virtual screening, playing only at the Roxy.


9 minutes

Director: Shambhavi Kaul

Language: No Dialogue

Country of Origin: USA


New Vision