The Bee

Group of bees in small oval


The Bee’ is the first short film in the series ‘In Their Nature’ and it highlights Bill Perkins, a beekeeper in Boston who shares his knowledge and love of bees with his community, much like a bee spreading pollen. And sometimes that means riding through a busy city with 10,000 bees on the back of your bike so you can share them with second graders who are learning about pollination.

We are all searching for the “good” in these wild, heavy times – and without even knowing it, Bill is the good story people are craving.

‘In Their Nature’ project showcases people with a giving nature, people who selflessly help others get outdoors and find nature, changing their communities in a positive way – especially for those who don’t have access to nature easily. These people generously help to break through barriers others face in accessing nature in urban spaces. And they do it without a spotlight, without a need for applause. These are the leaders, the quiet ones, who give of themselves because, plain and simply, it’s just in their nature.

With all the things weighing us down right now, these are the people that lift us up, and their stories inspire us, motivate us and compel us to also give of ourselves.


Part of Wild Wonders Shorts Block

Monday 4/22 at 5:00pm

Wednesday 4/24 at 7:45pm

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7 minutes

Director: Kim Lowe

Producer: Kim Lowe

Language: English

Country of Origin: USA



Short Short

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