Stream wildlife films for dose of fine filmmaking


So, I have taken in another of the fine offerings at the International Wildlife Film Festival, headquartered out of Missoula. The first one I recommended was “Fungi,” and not the one that has toured the theaters for several months now, but one that is, in my view, more direct and at least equally rewarding.

The latest streamed film that I recommend is “Grasslands,” and if you would like to view some beautiful footage on cranes, Saskatchewan grasslands (where Bess and I toured a couple years ago, meeting up with the fine folks of the Sask Nature Society), bison and more, you can sign on, drop a bit of money and check out this and a host of other fine environmental films for a few days more.

I hope you have the chance to enjoy at least some of them.

And, later today, after a tour of the Boboquivari, Buenos Aires and other spots here in southern Arizona, Bess and I will be dropping off a bunch of food and some funds for folks who need it these days. Badly.

There is so much damage and risk just now being visited on workers, health care providers, minorities and indigenous people that we are in danger of missing as we face the deluge of confusing coverage, misguided messages and outright disinformation from the top of our government.
Try for a healthy dose of informative and eye-popping film-making. I doubt you will be disappointed.

And stay safe.

Rick Applegate,

Tucson, Arizona

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