Podcast: The International Wildlife Film Festival is here!

Justin Angle | 4/14/2022
This week’s guests are all here to speak with us about an upcoming Montana event: the International Wildlife Film Festival. IWFF’s mission is to promote awareness, knowledge, and understanding of wildlife, habitat, people, and nature through excellence in film.

To talk about the 45th edition of the festival, I’m joined today by Carrie Richer, artistic director, Rosh Patel, a Final Juror this year and an award-winning filmmaker himself, and Andrea Odezynska, a Ukrainian-American independent filmmaker whose wonderful film “Return Sasyk to the Sea” is showing at this years festival.

In this conversation, we discuss the importance of this beloved community event, the impact the film festival has had on their respective careers, and the power that visual storytelling can play in sharing narratives across our world. Transcript here.

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