Last of the Right Whales

Last of the Right Whales Synopsis: Activists fight to save the North Atlantic Right Whale, which is currently dying faster than it can reproduce. With climate change forcing them farther north in search of food, the whales are on a collision course with ships and fishing gear. Directors: Nadine Pequeneza Producers: Nadine Pequeneza HitPlay Productions … Read more


Houbara Synopsis: Houbara or Bustard (Chlamydotis macquenii) is one of the favorite birds among hunters and falconers in the Persian Gulf countries. Unfortunately in the last decades, bustard’s hunting and catching alive have caused a drastic reduction in its population and as a result, it is now considered one of the most vulnerable and endangered … Read more

Going Circular

Going Circular Synopsis: GOING CIRCULAR offers a fundamental reassessment of what our food, our cities, our financial system, even our fashion industry could look like if we create, produce, and distribute within Earth’s natural boundaries based on nature’s universal principles that everything is reused, and nothing goes to waste. Directors: Richard Dale, Nigel Walk Producers: … Read more

Fire of Love

Fire of Love Synopsis: Intrepid French scientists Katia and Maurice Krafft devoted their lives to uncovering the mystery of volcanoes, chasing fire around the world and in the process capturing some of the most spectacular imagery of the earth ever recorded. Told through the lenses of this magnetic couple, FIRE OF LOVE is a visual … Read more

Born in the Rockies: First Steps

Born in the Rockies: First Steps Synopsis: In episode one we introduce the vast diversity of the Rockies through the eyes of our animal families. From early spring to late summer we follow our new mothers through the early days of raising a family. Directors: Joe Pontecorvo Producers: Andrea Gastgeb, Sabine Holzer A production of … Read more

Attenborough’s Wonder of Song

Attenborough’s Wonder of Song Synopsis: Sir David Attenborough chooses his favorite recordings from the natural world that have revolutionized our understanding of song. Each one – from the song of the largest lemur to the song of the humpback whale to the song of the lyrebird – was recorded in his lifetime. The oldest, when … Read more

American Horses

American Horses Synopsis: Narrated by Bil Pullman, American horses are icons. Mustang. Appaloosa. Morgan. Quarterhorse. Even their names suggest a timeless power. Horsepower that shaped a nation. A nation whose demands shaped them. Each has a unique story to tell. Born of legendary historical moments, charismatic figures, and singular places, AMERICAN HORSES takes us on … Read more


Antarctica Synopsis: At the end of the world is the coldest, driest, highest and windiest continent surrounded by the wildest ocean on the planet. Witness the rare and majestic animal behavior including the largest aggregation of humpback and fin whales ever filmed . Antarctica is also one of the fastest changing environments and recent scientific … Read more

America’s Heartland: Wild Prairie Reborn

America’s Heartland: Wild Prairie Reborn Synopsis: In America’s Heartland: Wild Prairie Reborn we travel to the American Prairie Reserve, a piece of northern Montana that’s on track to become the largest protected ecosystem in the continental United States. A mosaic of public and private land, here ranchers and scientists have come together with a singular … Read more

A White Dream

A White Dream Synopsis: In love with images and the cold, the wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet travels alone through the white deserts of the northern hemisphere with his pulka and his telephoto lens, looking for animals that survive in extreme cold. During his upcoming expedition in the Canadian North, Jérémie is about to explore the … Read more