Out On A Ledge

Out On A Ledge Synopsis: Junior high and high school Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) students are working with wildlife biologist Liz Bradley from MT Fish Wildlife & Parks (FWP) to research the Petty Creek Bighorn Sheep Herd. Students spent the past year documenting the herd and creating a short film together. Directors: Students … Read more

EO Wilson: Of Ants and Men

EO Wilson: Of Ants & Men Synopsis: He coined the term “biodiversity” and created an entire field of science. He sparked a new understanding of social species and what it means to be human and became a legendary professor of entomology and champion of conservation. E.O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men explores the extraordinary life … Read more

Johnny Holder

Johnny is a bilingual Director, Producer, and Editor originally from Nashville, Tennessee now residing in the DC area. As an MFA graduate from Montana State Universities Science and Natural History Filmmaking program, he has been making short documentaries for five years. After eight years in the military including two combat deployments with a camera always … Read more

Nick Stone Schearer

Nick is a New York-raised Californian, filmmaker, photographer, partner and dad. His first foray into independent filmmaking was aboard a 4-seat Cessna, documenting impacts of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he spent several years in New York working and learning as a Production … Read more

Jerry van de Beek

Together with his partner Betsy de Fries he co-founded the Bay Area animation studio, Little Fluffy Clouds. For the past twenty years they’ve directed many award-winning animations, among them, Yellowstone 88, As the River Flows and the Billy Collins poem, Today. His compulsion for storytelling, interwoven with a constant eye for exploration, development and investment … Read more

Lara Tomov

Lara Tomov has a passion for elevating stories that inspire healthy interactions between people and place. After growing up in the mountains of Montana, Tomov spent over a decade based in Boston and Los Angeles, working in the camera department for narrative, documentary, and unscripted productions. She found herself in wild spaces around the world, … Read more

Kika Tuff

Kika is a scientist, entrepreneur, and story designer deeply rooted in the ecological community. Since founding Impact Media Lab in 2016, Kika has led storytelling campaigns for individual scientists, research organizations, and large scientific institutions. She has created websites, films, museum exhibits, and more, to help scientists reach a wider audience and build community through … Read more

Andrea Odezynska

Andrea Odezynska is a Ukrainian American independent filmmaker.  She has created narrative, documentary, and experimental films.  Variety has praised her work’s “beautiful, iconic images.” Recently, Andrea won a U.S. Fulbright Scholar grant to research and film her new environmental feature documentary, “Return Sasyk To The Sea”,  in Ukraine.  Past grants include: NEA The National Endowment for the Arts, … Read more

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

Wake up and Smell the Flowers Synopsis: After six months of hibernation, the adorable European Ground Squirrels are finally waking up – and they are hungry! Witness their spectacular flower feast and follow them as they have something very important to prepare for… Directors: Yaz Ellis Duration: 5 minutes Austria WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored … Read more

Living with Lions

Living with Lions Synopsis: Growing up in Kenya, the only images of conservationists Resson Kantai Duff ever saw were of those she calls “the pale and the male.” She never saw anyone who looked like herself. Today, Resson leads a team that includes young Samburu warriors who track lions and lobby on behalf of the lions’ … Read more