Stories of You and I

Stories of You and I Synopsis: Narrated by Academy Award Nominee, Jonathan Pryce, ‘Stories of You and I’ is an open letter to the Earth. Based on true accounts and relationships with the natural world over the course a life-time, it is a touching, personal and emotional battle cry for environmental justice. Director: John Davies … Read more

Valley of the Bears

Valley of the Bears Synopsis: A documentary set in the coastal valley of Bella Coola, British Columbia, during the summer months of the salmon run. A coexistence way of living between humans and bears is being adopted, however human-bear conflict is on the rise. Directors: Rob Murray Producers: Rob Murray Duration: 52 min United Kingdom … Read more

Tracking Notes: The Secret World of Mountain Lions

Tracking Notes: The Secret World of Mountain Lions Synopsis: A unique, non-invasive, mountain lion study uses a giant network of trail cameras scattered throughout the mountains over a decade to piece together the life story of a female mountain lion. This film weaves clips of mountain lions and their complex interactions with each other and … Read more

The Year Earth Changed

The Year Earth Changed Synopsis: Across the planet nature responded to the unwitting experiment of a global lockdown. From hearing birdsong in deserted cities to breathing cleaner air, we’ve had a chance to engage with nature like never before. As humans hit pause on their busy lives – staying safe home and treading more lightly … Read more

The Territory

The Territory Synopsis: THE TERRITORY provides an immersive on-the-ground look at the tireless fight of the Indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people against the encroaching deforestation brought by illegal settlers and an association of non-native farmers in the Brazilian Amazon. With awe-inspiring cinematography showcasing the titular landscape, and richly textured sound design, the film takes audiences deep into … Read more

The Otter, A Legend Returns

The Otter, A Legend Returns Synopsis: In Western Europe the otter drastically declined in numbers and even completely disappeared from The Netherlands. This was mainly due to hunting, loss of habitat, pollution and traffic collisions. But the Dutch set the example by investing in their water quality and restoring the habitat of the otter to … Read more

The Ocean’s Greatest Feast

The Ocean’s Greatest Feast Synopsis: At the start of every winter, the coast of South Africa sees billions of little fish converge in the biggest biomass migration on the planet. It’s the annual sardine run – a literal force of nature that feeds an entire coastline.  Directors: Mea Trenor Producers: Mea Trenor Produced by Earth … Read more

The Green Planet: Water Worlds

The Green Planet: Water Worlds Synopsis: Plants live secret, unseen lives, but in their hidden world and on their timescale, they are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as animals – they count, they hunt, they deceive, they communicate, they help their relatives and they manipulate animals for their own ends. Presented by Sir David Attenborough, … Read more

The Elephant & the Termite

The Elephant & the Termite Synopsis: Together, elephants and termites create waterholes. This is the remarkable story of the relationship between Africa’s largest and smallest and the unique waterhole community they support. It is the story of a seasonal African waterhole in southern Kenya as never seen before – from the perspective of a cast … Read more

The Bastard King

The Bastard King Synopsis: The Bastard King was shot over ten years in remote areas of Africa, telling the story of a lion cub born with heterochromia – one eye yellow, the other blue – the result of a taboo union between the Blue-Eyed and Yellow-Eyed prides. Outcast and hunted by the merciless Scarred King … Read more